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About Us

The Recriando Roízes Project is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that since 2006 has projects with children and adolescents living in situations of risk and social vulnerability in the neighborhood of Costa Barros, according to the IBGE is the second worst place to live in the city from Rio de Janeiro. The NGO is the result of a partnership between two friends Ilma Rocha and Alba Valéria who, when they heard the request for help from a young man from Costa Barros, saw that they could contribute to the change of lives and thus began to braid the hair of girls who lived In the streets of Costa Barros, and the number


Eradicating poverty through investment in children and families

Our Principles


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Redeem Roots

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Our projects have as main objective to invest in children and families, contributing to local social development and poverty eradication

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