Recriando Roízes Project is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that since 2006 has projects with children and adolescents living in situations of risk and social vulnerability in the neighborhood of Costa Barros, according to the IBGE is the second worst place to live in the city from Rio de Janeiro.

The NGO is the result of a partnership between two friends Ilma Rocha and Alba Valéria who, when they heard the request for help from a young man from Costa Barros, saw that they could contribute to the change of lives and thus began to braid the hair of girls who lived In the streets of Costa Barros, and the number of girls was increasing because they were meeting two new friends in their lives: love and affection. They began to feel that demand would grow, so they began mobilizing others in Social Action where they offered various services for children and adolescents in the community.

The NGO was formalized in 2014, when Alba and Ilma invited other volunteers to pass on some of their knowledge and skills to children, adolescents and young people from Costa Barros, because they understood that in addition to the love and affection they gave children, they needed to invest in And provide tools so that the parents of these children and other young people who came for help could generate income, culminating in overcoming the vulnerability in which they live, and in local development.

Today, we have two projects underway in Defense of Childhood where children and adolescents are guaranteed their right to children, where they participate in educational activities with play and educational games, internal and external sports and cultural activities, music, school reinforcement, literacy, handicrafts, Of receiving food (breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack). And the Fábrica de Sonhos project where youngsters and adults participate in workshops and professional courses such as Refrigeration, Braids and Implants, Biscuit, Slippers and Costume Jewelery, Manicure and Pedicure, Eyebrow Design, Women's Court, Barber, Computer and English with the aim of providing Young people to have a tool to generate income, which has contributed to the reduction of young people who are recruited for drug trafficking.


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